What’s in a Name: The Perfect End

I think being your own boss is a dream that many of us entertain at some point. There are a lot of intimidating things that stand in our way before we can get started. For me, in the middle of figuring out contracts, taxes, and rates, was coming up with a business name. Sure you can just work under your own name but somehow it never felt like an option. Like it wasn’t a real business or a real job if I didn’t have a business name.

The first domain I ever bought was fatalshade.net. I purchased it after the free web host I had been using deleted everything I had hosted with them. I thought it was the coolest name ever at the time. I was also in high school. Fatalshade stuck with me for years and became both a gamer tag and a potential business name.

As I got older I realized that “Fatalshade Design” wasn’t professional. Having to explain what it meant felt embarrassing. And more than anything it just confused people. So I went in search of a name.

It took awhile before I found something that felt right. One of my senior projects in college was designing a logo for myself. I ended up creating a stylized bow that I was proud of. I’ve been an archer since I was young and it’s always been a passion of mine.

When I came back to the idea of creating a digital marketing agency I wanted to use this logo. I loved the logo, the analogies that archery had for marketing, and the imagery I could use in my design assets. And so I ended up with Perfect End.

In archery, an end is a group of arrows shot in a row and then scored, usually 3 or 6 arrows. With a perfect end, you score the most points possible. This is what I wanted to do with digital marketing. I wanted to create an arsenal of assets, channels, and campaigns and hit the mark.

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